A story too good to go untold

Behind the Scenes Video Footage

Witness the behind the scenes footage of the filming of VGCStory.

Share the Struggles

See the struggles and trials of being a performance artist in real time!

You're Part of the VGCS Family

You'll experience the comedy story with us... as it unfolds before your eyes!

Very Good Comedy Story... An Introduction to Woodstock

Check out a VGCStory clip from one of our favorite regular venues. 

Meet the VGCStory Cast

Robert Punchur introduces you to Neko, Melissa, Jason and Aric...the stars of Very Good Comedy Story.

what are you laughing at?

Lots of laughs for a 3 day trip... stay tuned for the stories behind them!!

getting in shape

Aric joins comic and personal trainer Jimmy Peoples to kickstart his road back to his playing weight.

Scoop 'hearts' Boonk

You don't know Boonk?! I know Boonk.

The Hair Cut Bet

Aric misjudges Jason's resolve.  Featuring Elon Altman.

Promotional Trailer (Extended Version)

Just a teaser for our upcoming Very Good Comedy Story documentary.